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Games for Events

PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 1:04 pm
by Spotty Spotty Pony Girl
after an enlightening conversation with both wvhunter & rock_rat about geogames I thought I'd go ahead and start this thread. Wvhunter at first waanted to keep a book, but then thought we might as well use MAGPI to share the wealth (and pick other cachers' brains!)

So, if you have an idea for a game that can be played at an event. Give us the name, how it works, supplies and how the winner(s) is determined.

I'll start with sidekick's submission:

Game: Let's Make A Deal
Supplies: Have several geo-containers of all shapes and sizes that are not see through (you can paint them if necessary). Always have 1 more than the number of contestants.
How it Works: Each cacher receives a ticket when signing in. They keep one half, the other is put in a bucket for drawing. At a designated time, tickets are drawn out of the bucket. These are the contestants. the order in which the tickets were drawn is the order in which the contestants go.

Contestants get up in front of the rest of the spectators and the M/C starts the game rolling offering up the choice of two containers.....the audience should start shouting out very sage advice and egging the contestants on. the M/C can offer choices as many times as he/she likes. Then on to the next person. then you reveal the contents and basically see who made a stupid decision - always the fun part.

I think I got the rules right, at any rate they are close. This was sidekick's idea so don't be surprised to see it at the 4th Great MEAT-n-Greet at Cooper's Rock

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:30 am
by Spotty Spotty Pony Girl
Game: Ammo Can Toss
Supplies: Metal Ammo Can. Use empty for the kids, fill up with rocks or something equally heavy for the adults. Very long tape measure. One on a wheel works best.
How it Works: Find a nice big area. Draw a line in the dirt (or use a rope). Participants can't cross this line while hurling the can. If they do they must re-throw. Measure from same point on the line every time to the nearest part of the ammo can. Greatest distance wins.

Game: What's in the Geo-Bag
Supplies: Geo-Bag belonging to a local cacher. It should contain a set number of items said cacher always has with him / her. Secure the zipper pulls of the bag with rip ties. Sheets of paper with lines for the answers.
How it Works: Each person will fill out a sheet of paper with the items he/she thinks is in the bag. The participants may squish, shake, toss, and generally manhandle the geo-bag. They cannot open it. All answer sheets should be collected by a designated time. The participant with most correct answers wins.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 5:43 pm
by scoutingwv
Game: Frozen T-shirt
Supplies: T-shirts, zip-loc bags, water, a freezer
How it works: Soak the shirts in water. Next, fold the shirts to the size of a small football. When folding the shirts, they should all be done the same way and you can add to the difficulty by rolling the sleeves or twisting parts of the shirt together. When the shirt is soaked and folded, place it inside a container (like a zip-loc) but keep it in a round, elongated, football-type shape. Freeze them. The day of the game each person or team gets a shirt. First person to get the shirt thawed and put on wins.

Re: Games for Events

PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 6:14 pm
by scoutingwv
Game: Getting to Know You
Supplies: containers – 1 master, then 2 per team. Number required depends on number of teams. Place 1 card per team in the Master cache, 1 card in first container for each team, and a prize in second container for each team.
How it works: This is a good icebreaker game and team builder. For this example, we use three teams – Red, Green, and Blue.

If possible, give an orientation on how to use the GPS before beginning. It should be short and only include how to create and GoTo a waypoint. Assign everyone a color (that will become their team color after the Master cache is found).

If the coordinates for the fist cache can be pre-loaded, it is preferred. If not, give EVERYONE the coordinates for the Master cache at the same time. Have them load them, verify them, and then the entire group goes to the location of the Master cache.

In the Master cache there is a single card per team and in the team color. Give each team their card. On that card is the coordinates for the next cache. At this point, they split into teams and find their first team cache. They enter the coordinates themselves and off they go. In the first team container is a card with coordinates for the second. In the second team container is a prize for that team.

Finding the Master cache allows everyone to experience success as a group and learn from each other. It’s a good shakedown of the equipment before they split into teams. Finding the team caches is a good exercise for a small group and by minimizing the instructions on GPS usage it forces them into conversation along the way. They will learn to communicate with each other and begin to build a team dynamic. This activity is generally used to get folks to know each other and assign teams for the rest of an educational or team building event.

I have used this very successfully for adult scout groups an have heard it used for business activities as well. The prizes should be something that they would appreciate – in Scouting we use patches.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 6:30 pm
by scoutingwv
Game: It’s Locked Up!
Supplies: Footlocker, combination locks, prizes placed in the footlocker, clues to the combination locks, and cache containers for the clues.
How it works: None of the participants knows about the footlocker. Place prizes inside the footlocker. Secure the footlocker with the combination locks (I have seen up to 12 used). Place caches for each team with clues to completing the combination for each lock. Give each individual or team a starting coordinate.

Each cache has the coordinates for the next stage and a digit or two to complete the combination of a lock. As they move through their caches they should get the finished combination to one of the locks. When they have a complete combination they are to return to the starting location.

Here they will now see a footlocker with several locks but they still don’t know what’s inside. They can only work the locks – they can not do anything else with the footlocker to determine what’s inside. They need to figure out a few things: Which lock is theirs? Do they wait on the other people/teams or do they go help them?

The goal is to reinforce working as a group to get their solution, but to realize they are only one part of the puzzle. They should be encouraged to think creatively and assist others, but not do the work for them. The caches can be puzzles or just contain cards with the numbers on them. Make them fit and challenge the group.

I’ve seen this game played in the summer with a footlocker full of root beer on ice – tastes great at the end of the game!

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:55 am
by Spotty Spotty Pony Girl
Game: Famous Couples
Supplies: Nametags with 1/2 of a famous couple pre-printed leaving plenty of space for the person's real name.
How it works: at registration people pick a name tag (preferable that the folks running registration do the handing out so people who arrive together aren't matched up) and then set about trying to find their other half. it works well if you mix it up and hand out the names without consideration if the person is a male or female.

forced mingling with hilarity.

Helpful to keep a master list of the famous couples for reference since with a wide range of ages you may have some confusion.